Readers of a certain age may have fond memories of roller skating in the 1980s.  We're pleased to report that at many roller rinks across the state, you can relive this experience - though we can't promise you won't hurt yourself in the process!
1. An amazing bird show.  You can see Birds of Prey (including hawks, owls, and vultures) at the Falconer's Stage every weekend.
2. Games of skill, including tossing severed heads.  We didn't win.
3. Scary costumes, like this mask.
4. A great fireworks show at the end of the night.

You can find out more about these and all the other great things to see at the Texas Renaissance Festival at
We've been fans of Biscoff Biscuits (advertised as Europe's Favorite Cookie or alternately The Airline Cookie) for a while, but we recently discovered Biscoff Spread.  It looks like peanut butter and tastes like Biscoff, and when combined with the cookies is strong enough to put you in a Biscoff Bliss Coma (TM) for hours.

Both the cookies and the spread are available at HEB supermarkets.  Yum!
There are NINE toad species found in Texas, including the endangered Houston Toad.  This charming specimen is a Gulf Coast Toad, distinguished by the extensive ridges on its face.

Some people think that handling toads gives you warts, but that's not true.  However, many toads secrete a weak toxin on their skin which has the potential to irritate your mucous membranes if you touch your mouth or eyes directly afterwards.  You should always wash your hands after handling one.

For more information on the frogs and toads you can find in Texas, check out this page from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

We still don't know what this is called, but we like it! This sculpture is more than 20 ft. tall and is located in Terminal D. Caiti says it represents an earthquake; I see a castle. What do you think?


We spend way more time than we'd like at DFW, and recently we were stuck in Terminal D for a few hours. Watching people try to figure out how to 'play' Christopher Janey's interactive art installation Circling is always entertaining. They walk back and forth, jump up and down on the sensors, stand in the middle looking bewildered, and confer with each other.

The secret is that it isn't supposed to play a song or do anything organized. The sensors light up and play tones as you pass them, giving the impression of music coming up from underground. It's zany and random, and perfect for the chaos of an airport.

Next time you're at DFW, give it a try. There's no wrong way to play Circling.


A few weeks ago we rescued a baby barn swallow who found himself out of the nest and directly in the path of traffic. The poor little guy found a safe home at a wildlife rescue in Houston, and we got our daily dose of cuteness. Check out his little face!